Friday Fictioneers

Perfect Timing Indeed

The roses are for my blogging premier and I appreciate it.

I am glad I found them, they were hidden, hard to see.

Curiosity got the best of me -as always- and I clicked myself to the price.

Of course, it’s just a picture!

It’s the virtual word but still, it means so much to me.

Coming from a stranger, who allows me to interpret the gift as I please,

perhaps it means even more.

I am not the only one who got roses and I will live with that.

For a short while, I felt special and loved it.

Friday Fictioneers seems to be an ongoing challenge. A story in about 100 words. What a torture it is for a blabbermouth like me and how welcome it is at the same time. I will tame myself on the keyboard -for now.

23 thoughts on “Perfect Timing Indeed”

  1. Dear Lady Coloresque,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. I’m so glad you found us. The discipline of packing a story is a challenge but a worthy one. I believe it’s made a huge difference in my longer pieces. I look forward to more of your offerings.This one made me smile. 😀



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      1. Penny, my husband asked me just yesterday if I’ve done any Zing and Zang stories lately. The inspiration just hasn’t come. Maybe I’ll dust them off one of these days and bring them back to Earth 🙂

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  2. What a lovely introduction to the Friday Fictioneers. A heart-felt welcome from me, too. You’ve come to the right group, it is a friendly group and very helpful, especially if you want to improve your writing. Flash fiction is very educational and teaches us how to focus on the essential.

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