Obesity and Weightloss

Ready Player…Go!

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Today is Day #1

I spent the rest of last week preparing for this big step. I gave up caffeine and it almost killed me -or so it felt. I didn’t think it would be a big deal but learned quickly otherwise. I felt the withdrawal in my whole body. I am now on day #5 without caffeine and the headache finally disappeared.

I bought a used juicer on eBay and cleaned out our pantry. Gluten has left the building!

Processed foods are gone, fridge and freezer are full of vegetables -a sight I am not used to. This is going to hurt and it’s going to be tough. I have no doubt.

Monday 2-25 Veggies

So what about me has to change? Well, everything and not much at all.

  • I have RA, high blood pressure and I am pre-diabetic.
  • I weighed in at 311 lbs today. 4 pounds less than last week! High Five to me!
  • I cannot walk from one side of the house to the other without getting winded.
  • I feel tired and fatigue -even first thing in the morning.
  • I drink a glass of wine every day -and sometimes more. The alcohol has to go until further notice.
  • I eat too much fast food and processed foods.
  • I sit too much and hardly move.
  • My joints and bones hurt every day.
  • I can’t make a fist, my fingers are stiff and swollen.
  • I have a chronic sinus infection.
  • My whole body aches.

A piece of cake! 🙂

RA has taken control of my life. I carry the extra weight of an adult person around me all the time. No wonder I can’t move.

I took pictures of my swollen sausage fingers today and while they might not be pretty, I felt it was the right thing to do. This way I will able to see, and not just feel the difference -if there will be any.


I have watched Clint Paddison’s YouTube videos and listened to some of his podcasts. I am not convinced that his way is the only way, but he seems sincere and the people who pay a monthly fee to get his support, seem genuine. Of course, the reporting is one-sided -success stories only!

I have read Amy Myers book, and I have watched all the juicy documentaries out there. I am confused -and that’s an understatement.

But in all my confusion I can see, that some people have had tremendous success and while they might not be healed, they have stopped and reversed the effects of their autoimmune disorder. I intend to do the same.

This is it. This is not just another try. This will be my last serious attempt to take control of my weight and my health -as much as both are in my control, to begin with.

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I am still on 15 mg Prednisone for 3 more days. Then I will taper down to 10mg  for 10 days and 5 mg for about 30 days.  I hope I will never have to take this evil medication again.

I purchased a little chalkboard and a white chalk pen. I will use it to cheer me on, I will use it to reveal even the smallest victories and will use it to count the days.

I called Doordash and asked them to close my account. That was a big step forward. The restaurant deliveries to our home have stopped and it feels a bit surreal. The pizza chains and Chinese places around me will not go out of business when we won’t call anymore. My husband is on board. While he doesn’t have to lose weight, he wants me to get better. He supports me all the way. I am a lucky woman!

It’s about my health -the weight loss will be a side effect. The 80 pounds I gained while taking steroids will hopefully give in quickly. The rest. Oh well, there has to be a fight, doesn’t it?

Monday 2-25

Today is my first day of juicing! Doesn’t it look good?

I will juice for at least a week, to get all the bad STUFF out of my system. The Mean Green Juice without lemon and with only one apple as suggested by Joe Cross from “Fat-Sick and Nearly Dead.”


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