Obesity and Weightloss

Small Dreams by a Big Lady

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I want to be able to do, what I can’t do right now.
Go for a walk with ease and not huff and puff already on my way out the door.
Stand up with my head held high, and not with shaky knees.
Get up and offer my seat, and not be the one who desperately needs it.
Sit like a lady and not with my legs apart, because of my tummy.
Tie my sneakers with the bow in the middle and not sidewise.
Answer “Booth” when given the choice, and not have to take the table.
Look for clothes I like, and not for clothes that fit.
Stand on a stool not caring about the weight limit.
Getting up with without holding on.
Scrub the floor on my knees, just because I can.
Paint my toes in different colors, because I can reach them.
Laugh at my wrinkles, when the fat will be gone.
Run and jump, and ride a bike.
Walk our dogs until they are tired.
Hold my husbands hand in the store and not cling to a cart.


Week Two of Juicing and today was not easy. The scale showed 308 today. That’s a nice loss, not as much as I expected but I take it. I had some meals in between but juiced the rest of the time.

I am not hurting as I have been and it feels amazing.

This is hard, almost as hard as being fat. But I am not giving in, I am not giving up.


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