Friday Fictioneers


PHOTO PROMPT © Anshu Bhojnagarwala

A simple reminder that better times will come.

Old, forgotten music instruments can be seen everywhere.

A sign of the resistance -a rebellion they didn’t expect.

One day they came, and took it all away,

it was part of their plan to make us glorious again.

The world turned dark, the music stopped, the laughter died.

The rich filled their pockets, the poor were forgotten.

Diversity was outlawed, fear and hatred were spread.

But soon the voting will begin,

and then the nightmare will be over.

The music will start to play again,

People will dance and the future will begin.

Image result for the end

My fingers were kidnapped by my brain and I watched helplessly on the sideline how the piece wrote itself in lightning speed. This was out of my control. 

101 words for the Friday Fictioneers, who hopefully will not kick me to curb now.



29 thoughts on “Soon”

  1. I’m glad your story went beyond the dystopian and gave us a future of hope. You were clever to see beyond the immediate desecration of the piano to the new hope symbolised by the plant seedlings.


  2. Though it could be any era, I hear Echoes of present day politics: Make America Glorious Again still spells MAGA. 😊love the idea that resistance was indicatedby the presence of musical instruments, until those two were taken away. But hope cannot be rounded up.

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  3. If only… Lovely tale about resistance and hope. It gives us a chance to see that things weren’t all that great before, else they couldn’t have gone the way they are. There’s hope now to do better…

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