Obesity and Weightloss

Pigs fly -Porkchop Style

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I can and I will
march on to my drum
Achieve the impossible
Live my dream
Make a fist
just because I can

I have found a rhythm so it seems, march to my own drum -still stubbornly holding on by a thread. I have lost 11 pounds so far and I am mighty proud of it. And while I am cheering to myself I know this -again- will only be temporary IF I don’t change my ways for good.

Food is always on my mind, everything I can’t and should not eat is haunting me day and night. I see pigs fly -porkchop style- and the urge to stop my juice and fasting cure overwhelms me. Pigs hurt, pigs hurt, I think to myself and can’t help but smile.

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The weight loss is just a side effect. While I need to lose all the extra weight, and can’t wait to see a number starting with a “2” on my scale, I am doing this to beat RA. Never forget this Padawan. This is about your health!

To my surprise, my pain level is down dramatically. I still huff and puff due to my size, but I walk easier since a few days. My fingers are less swollen and less stiff in the morning. My overall pain level is down. How is that for starters?

I will be damned if this will really work, what then? Does that mean I have to eat/drink like this for the rest of my hopefully long life? I shudder just by writing this.

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Food is so important to me -always has been. I need to dig deeper into my childhood. The ghosts of my past have been unleashed two weeks ago and are haunting me ever since.  I might as well use them to set myself free -once and for all.

I have 16 more days of juicing and fasting ahead of me. Fasting, what an interesting concept it is. First I thought it would kill me, but I was wrong, it actually helps me to feel better. I juice twice a day and have a light meal at 3 pm, then I stop eating until the next morning when I celebrate a new day with a freshly juiced glass full of vitamins and nutrition. Juicing is growing on me -who would have thought?

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Juice of the week: Orange/Mango/Pineapple

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