Friday Fictioneers

Bad Puppet!

Perhaps it’s the same with us. We are puppets on a string, reacting and acting the way we are supposed to. Functioning day in, day out. We play a role in the theater of life and we never dispute our part.

Cutting the strings will set us free, yet we fear the freedom it will bring. Can we exist without rules and regulation, without strings attached?

Thinking for ourselves, coming to our own conclusions. That’s scary stuff!

No risk no fun, they say. Maybe they are right. I need to try!

Bye, bye Puppeteer. I will walk alone from now on!


Image result for the end

Friday Fictioneers. 101 words. Inspired by a photograph the story got a life of its own and walked away from the picture. Sorry about that!

19 thoughts on “Bad Puppet!”

  1. Didn’t go so well for Pinnochio, though. 😊

    Your mention of regulation got me thinking of the modern (1980s–> today) push toward deregulation in the US, and trying to wrap either the weaving or the puppet metaphor around that.

    I think one side sees regulations as puppet strings, binding those, who would function better without, and the other side sees them as critical strings on a loom, where one string broken could ruin the whole.

    Food for thought!

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