The Hunter and his Wife

The Hunter and his Wife

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‘Why don’t you take care of the grass,’ the hunter said and for the first time in their long life together she understood. He had been raised and taught to hunt for food and provide for his family. Their home and everything in, and around it, was her territory -no matter what.

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In the evening when the hunter came home, he kissed her like every night, then he went into the kitchen and got his golden light brew, the first of many more to come. He had been hunting all day long, had come home later than usual and his next paycheck would show his success. Now he was tired and he needed to rest in front of the entertainment box. He was hungry, soon she would serve his evening meal on the little table in front of his chair.

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The Box

She had often wondered why he ate in front of THE BOX, had wished they would sit down at a table together and enjoy the food like couples did in the displays she had seen, but her hunter didn’t like to talk while eating, so she had given up trying. The table and chairs in an area they like to call THE DINING ROOM was reserved for special occasions.

She often wondered how the hunter had been raised. She never met his Mother but had heard a lot about her. She had been a single mom, had raised the hunter and his four brothers alone.

Back then -not much different from today- wives were able to hunt as well, but never got paid as much as their male competitors -no matter how successful they were. As a matter of fact, they were only allowed to hunt in areas that were just not as rewarding as others.

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How would a Mom with five boys, hunt and provide for all of them, while still keeping the cave clean is beyond her. She had been struggling and had been provided housing and food was given to them.

Wouldn’t a woman raise her boys to be independent in every way? Wouldn’t she raise them to do chores, teach them how to cook and clean and take care of themselves?

Why didn’t she do that? For the longest time, the wife didn’t understand and then, as the years went by, she finally knew the answer. She raised the hunters the same way she had known hunters to be. Perhaps her Father or her brothers had shown her how hunters live their everyday life. Maybe she could only teach what she had seen first hand from an early age on.

The wife served the evening meal and sat quietly beside the hunter and watched him enjoying his meal.

Age had been kind to her so far, but lately, she felt pain now and then, everyday chores took longer and her happiness had been compromised by some dark clouds. Deep in thoughts, she went into the kitchen and cleaned like she always did.

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The wife knew THINGS needed to change. She had been hunting herself for years, had managed to take care of everything else in the evenings and during the weekends. Lately, she felt tired. The workload she had always managed with ease, was weighing her down.

Can you change the hunter’s way?

To be continued…

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