Friday Fictioneers

The Ugly Picture


‘Write an essay until the end of the day,’ she had said with a smile and gave me the ugliest picture I had ever seen.

My future depends on this story, lays in the hands of a teacher, who will either show mercy or let me fail.

How can I dream if there is emptiness? How can I write if I feel nothing? 

I should make up a story about nature and mankind, write about strengths and balance.

The ugly picture has a beauty I didn’t see at first glance?

My mind is racing, I pick up my pen and write.

Image result for the end

Sorry for the “Ugly picture” somehow it brought back memories from school. Back then my mind went blank quite often, and I felt a helplessness that I remember too well. A 101-word story to a picture that just wasn’t my cup of tea. I hope that is alright. I will be a good girl next week, or perhaps the week after.

Rochelle and the Friday Fictioneers seem to bring out the best -and worst- in me.

34 thoughts on “The Ugly Picture”

  1. I can relate to that. It takes some experience to forget one’s own preconceptions about what is nice and interesting. But it’s worth practising.

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    1. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I have to admit that I don’t like this weeks photography. It brought back memories from school, when I was given a postcard of a famous picture that I didn’t like either. The essay I wrote back got high praises and gave me the grade I needed to succeed. Funny how that works. The biggest challenges might make us deliver our best work.

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  2. I remember such assignments in school, too. And you’re right, those pics were atrocious! Great capture of that feeling, the writers block phenom. Enjoyed this.

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  3. These qualification rounds are terrible. Examiners have all the power to test examinees with ludicrous ideas like this picture. You could have written an ugly story, did it have to be a nice one?

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  4. This sends me back in time; I remember the most uninspiring prompt a high school English teacher gave us. She pulled me aside, I wrote the most creative story she’d ever read from a student but failed me because it didn’t really feature the prompt as a central point of the story… Oh well, at least I knew the story was A quality lol.


  5. I was stumped this week, too. So I let it sit there for a couple of hours, had breakfast, did my normal morning routine. During the time all that took me, I came up with half a dozen ideas and quickly let them go. What I finally came up with kind of wrote itself once I had the first line down. Seems many of us had a similar experience this week, and I think it’s good for our mental muscles 🙂

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  6. I like when a writer describes their experience of coming up with a particular piece. Some prompts speak to us and some just don’t, no matter how hard we try. You came up with a good story, despite all that.

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  7. I think part of the problem was the teacher’s presentation. I think she needs a vacation. She could have shown more enthusiasm and not made the writing sound so dull. I taught 1st and 2nd grades and you have to work harder to make things interesting or you have a class of little ones just sitting there staring at you. A good story, Lady. 🙂 — Suzanne

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