Friday Fictioneers

Give and Take

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

The Jewish Sabbath is important to Stan, he spends all day at the temple.

Fully armed, he stays in the back and watches out for the congregation.

He had been hesitant at first. Had sworn he would never set foot in a church, ever since she left him at the altar, but things are different now.

The job at the Synagogue is the only one he has. For a short while he feels needed again, feels like a normal man, not an injured veteran.

A security guard at a place of worship. Times surely have changed!

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A 100-word fictional story for the Friday Fictioneers, which is sadly not so fictional anymore. Shootings at places that once were considered safe disturb me more than I can say. I start to feel a numbness, I don’t want to feel. Every week there is a shooting at a school or another public place. I try to fight this numbness, refuse to get used to it, but I am afraid I will fail.


30 thoughts on “Give and Take”

  1. It’s good to know he’s trained and he’s ready. It is unbearably tragic that he is necessary. It may be wrong to say it, but I hope he blasts them before they get near the worshippers.

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  2. Such a sad story. No place is safe, not anywhere in the world, but there are countries where you have a lot less murders and mass shootings.

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  3. Being useful on the side of goodness and protecting others – has a great healing quality.

    It should be practiced and encouraged much more – to counter than the feelings of uselessness that hatred and self-pity inculcates within us.

    Good story,

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  4. Security guard at a place of worship sounds odd. But other way of looking at it is god is taking care of one person by providing him employment. Mysterious is the way of god!


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