Friday Fictioneers

What it takes to be a big girl

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

30 minutes swimming in the deep end and a jump from the 3-meter diving board, that’s all she had to do.

Iris looked down on her bathing suit and touched the little white patch with her wet fingers. This one, THE FREISCHWIMMER (Free Swimmer,) had been easy, only 15 minutes of swimming and a small jump.

But one patch was not enough, she needed both to be a big girl too.

All the kids were already in the water, but she still stood there…hesitated.

Com’on Iris they cheered.

Half an hour later she held the FAHRTEN SCHWIMMER patch in her hands and glowed.

Image result for kinder mit fahrtenschwimmer

The swimmer patches are an important part of childhood in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Swimming lessons are part of the school plan and from an early age on, kids learn to swim.

Swimming tests are not mandatory, but of course, every child is eager to participate. Every kid gets a small swimming passport, and every passed test allows the child to wear the patch on its bathing suit.

I was allowed in the deep end -no questions asked!

100-word story written for the Friday Fictioneers. Oh, these beautiful memories.





11 thoughts on “What it takes to be a big girl”

  1. Iris is eager and hungry to grow up to earn many more patches. she had proved to herself that she can and that she is ready.


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