Friday Fictioneers

The Perfect Surprise

PHOTO PROMPT Β© J Hardy Carroll

Blindfolded, with kids laughing around her, she won’t see it coming, they had made sure of it.

“Now or never,” the moment had come, it would change their family forever -there was no going back.

Slowly she reached behind her, made sure nobody was watching. The last thing they needed was a witness.

Finally, the game was over. The little girl turned around. Her eyes widened, she fell to her knees.

“A puppy, you guys bought me a puppy for my birthday,”Β she untied the big red bow and smiled.

“What a perfect surprise. I love you guys so much.”

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It is Wednesday, time for the Friday Fictioneers. Writing a fictional 100-story has become something I look forward to. This week was easy. A childhood dream awakened by a childhood game.

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