Fighting RA, Obesity and Weightloss

My Hero – A Dog

I met him online last night. He made me smile, he made me cry. Mixed emotions, my favorite cup of tea.

Of all the success stories and transformations I have seen, it’s Kai’s story I relate to the most. If I could meet him in person I would sit beside him and pet him on his back or scratch him behind his ears -if he would prefer that. 

I can relate to a dog, know exactly how he felt when he could hardly move because I am living it right now.

Just like Kai, I have a hard time climbing stairs and I can’t really walk. While he just sat in the grass, I am on the lookout for a bench or chair close by. Walking is torture for me. Huffing and puffing, trying to catch my breath so I can manage a few more steps back to the car, or to the house.

Seeing Kai in the dog park, not being able to play with the other dogs is heartbreaking. Sitting on the sideline, watching others having fun makes you feel like an outsider.  We wish we could join them. We long to be like them and we hate the limits that come with obesity. I feel this way very often, especially during the summer months when humans -and pets- tend to be more active.

My journey has just started. I am 15 pounds down, haven’t managed to see the “2” in front of the number yet, but know it’s waiting for me. Perhaps I needed to see the 300 in all its brutal glory for the very last time. I never want to forget how miserable I felt when I weighed that much. Perhaps, the last goodbye before I go down further.

15 pounds and I am mighty proud. I feel better and it gives me hope. My fingers move with ease over the keyboard today. They are not as swollen, and stiff as they have been for so long. I can’t make a fist since almost 2 years and now -for the first time- I feel that this might change. Rheumatoid Arthritis sure has made my life a living hell the last years, but now for the first time, I feel there is hope. 

I juice twice a day and have a very healthy, dinner. No dairy, no gluten, no sugar, and no alcohol and so far it is working. Goodness, this disease can be nipped in the butt when I eat right.

The humor is not lost on me. Give the fat lady the power to heal herself with food. Good one! I can almost hear the Universe laughing.

I can feel the difference when I eat right and it feels phenomenal. I have given the chance to fix myself. Oh, the discipline it will take! Oh, the joy I will feel when I finally will stick to it. Oh, the hardships I will feel when I will stumble -and I will.

Kai had someone looking out for him and this wonderful creature got a second lease on life. I feel awful for animals whose humans let them get huge like that. As their guardians, we humans have to monitor their food and make sure they don’t get huge. Kai’s obesity wasn’t his fault, humans did that to him and a human corrected it.

I am my own guardian now. May I never forget!

Imagine where I can be in a year?

(Rephrase) Imagine where I will be in a year? Kai is my hero!

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