Complicated in all its Simplicity

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I have thought about my blog, have read a lot and have made up my mind. I will not follow certain blogging rules, will publish controversial posts the same way I will share everything else. I will be respectful and kind, will not abuse the right to judge, just because I am hidden behind a screen.

I have seen the list of subjects I should not write about and I understand why this is recommended but sadly, I cannot do that.

I am trying to heal myself and honesty is my most powerful weapon. Skeletons will be pulled out of the closets, ghosts of the past will reappear temporarily. Tears will be shed, laughter will be shared. Comments will be made and how wonderful it is to interact with other bloggers. I didn’t think I would feel that way, but I do.

Knowing that strangers out there take their time to read what I have to say, and to care enough about me to talk to me/with me is mindboggling. I feel humble, joyful and a bit scared. What if I write something that nobody wants to hear?

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I need followers and reader, I understand. Without them, blogging wouldn’t make any sense but I don’t want to be restricted. I don’t want to pretend. I am me, and I am a mighty complicated woman in all my simplicity.

This world has changed so much and I feel like I am losing my balance at times. I am trying to cope with the times we live in, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

So much is on my mind, so much I have to say will offend one side or the other. I don’t belong to either side. I swirl around like a snowflake in a globe.

What if share my thoughts about life, religion, politics? I feel it might be like opening a can of worms. But perhaps it doesn’t have to be that way, maybe it’s all up to me.

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The words I will choose will matter. The tone I will have while writing, will dictate the mood. We live in a time where the right to free speech has been abused left and right -pun intended.

I will try to be better than that. While I cannot make any promises I will always try to do my best.


I suppose I have just carved out my blogging rules:

  • Be honest
  • Be Kind
  • Be open
  • Don’t pretend
  • Be me


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