Friday Fictioneers

The Ugly Picture

'Write an essay until the end of the day,' she had said with a smile and gave me the ugliest picture I had ever seen. My future depends on this story, lays in the hands of a teacher, who will either show mercy or let me fail. How can I dream if there is emptiness? How… Continue reading The Ugly Picture

The Hunter and his Wife

The Hunter and his Wife

'Why don't you take care of the grass,' the hunter said and for the first time in their long life together she understood. He had been raised and taught to hunt for food and provide for his family. Their home and everything in, and around it, was her territory -no matter what. In the evening… Continue reading The Hunter and his Wife

Obesity and Weightloss

When Life feels like a Light Switch

I've noticed when it comes to a healthy lifestyle I maintain an all or nothing approach.  The light switch is either flipped to on, where I'm all in and give 100% to diet and exercise, or it's flipped off. Then the workouts are absent and the urge to binge eating over rolls me like a… Continue reading When Life feels like a Light Switch

Friday Fictioneers


It's late. The streets are empty and quiet, people are at home sleeping. Now it's time for me to get out. Freezing, I walk the streets in my old neighborhood. The corner store had been sold last week and I can't wait for the grand opening. Finally, there will be a gallery in my street… Continue reading Masterpieces

Friday Fictioneers

Her Life in a Monastery

She remembered the first drive to boarding school vividly. She had cried -had made silent promises. She would not eat or sleep. She would not participate in school or in after-school activities. Now, years later, she walked through the garden with a heavy heart. Her childhood was over, tomorrow they would be sent home after… Continue reading Her Life in a Monastery