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What it takes to be a big girl

30 minutes swimming in the deep end and a jump from the 3-meter diving board, that's all she had to do. Iris looked down on her bathing suit and touched the little white patch with her wet fingers. This one, THE FREISCHWIMMER (Free Swimmer,) had been easy, only 15 minutes of swimming and a small jump. But… Continue reading What it takes to be a big girl

Friday Fictioneers

Her Life in a Monastery

She remembered the first drive to boarding school vividly. She had cried -had made silent promises. She would not eat or sleep. She would not participate in school or in after-school activities. Now, years later, she walked through the garden with a heavy heart. Her childhood was over, tomorrow they would be sent home after… Continue reading Her Life in a Monastery

Friday Fictioneers

Let’s Play!

"It belongs to a witch," Sebastian whispered. She could hear them through the open window and she smiled when she looked outside. A stray cat had borrowed her Vespa for a nap. No wonder the kid's imagination run wild. "All witches have black cats," Jaden explained with a shaky voice. "We are going to wait… Continue reading Let’s Play!

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My Mother and The Carpet Beater

I can still see the past so vividly, so many years later? The humiliation, the pain I felt, all seems to be so present at times. I have never talked about my childhood with anybody. Back then, in the '60s and '70s, child abuse was not something people openly talked about it. THINGS happened behind… Continue reading My Mother and The Carpet Beater